Pride in Culture * Brotherhood in Arms * Respect for Life

So, your son, grandson, nephew, or the young man of the house has

taken up an interest in joining the collegiate Greek community; or in

other words joining a fraternity.  Greek life is an integral part of the

college experience and all parents want their son to have a worthwhile

college experience. The expectations of college men are growing and

as Brothers of Beta Gamma Nu, as well as fraternity men in the larger

sense, we understand we have a responsibility to meet and exceed

those expectations.  Our Fraternity, our family, was built and grown from a foundation of family and community values.  From that basis we have an obligation to address and alleviate concerns any parent would have because we want you to be as excited and comfortable with your son’s interest in the Fraternity as he is.
First and foremost, Beta Gamma Nu is a non-hazing fraternity, does not allow alcohol at any Fraternity events, and requires a satisfactory academic performance of all members. It is important for us to emphasize our commitment to creating a safe, supportive environment for young men to grow and mature in a university setting.  Beta Gamma Nu is strongly opposed to any activities or actions that are or may be construed as hazing.  Not only is it wrong, but it is also immoral and illegal. We believe that hazing is non-conducive to building trust and brotherhood; nor is allowing for a culture of alcohol and drug abuse to persist.  Recognizing the ill-effects of alcohol in the college experience, the Fraternity prohibits alcohol at any Fraternity event and all members are educated about alcohol awareness.  Academic achievement is a priority, not only for you as a parent but also for the university, and our members.  We have a saying around here: “our number one goal is to graduate.”  High academic performance is required for continued participation and resources are made available for Brothers to get the support they need in order to be successful.

Our goal is to become a support system for your son.  The transition from the structured high school environment to the self-reliance indicative of the college experience is quite a challenge.  The values of the Fraternity are such that we provide a place that is not just a home-away-from-home but a place that provides the opportunity for young men to develop their leadership skills and grow personally.  We exist to cultivate the strongest of bonds that last a lifetime.  We want our members to make smart choices about behavior and involvement they want to have in the Fraternity and what kind of experience it will be for them.  Nothing can take the place of a disciplined and academically focused student to ensure success in college.  Our mission is to help our members achieve that success by creating an environment and culture that is safe, that promotes well-being, which supports community and follows the rules and goals of colleges and universities.
We hope this helps.  And we encourage you to ask us questions about the Fraternity.  Remember, our support system includes the support of parents and family, like you.

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