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Start A Chapter

Beta Gamma Nu
Expansion Process

Beta Gamma Nu is always looking for a new Colleges and/or Universities to expand new chapters. Starting a chapter is not an easy task, but the reward of becoming a founder of a chapter in itself is a priceless experience. The process of creating a colony is the following:

  • Gather students, local alumni and/or campus support for your interest group.
  • Contact the National Office about your interest of creating a new chapter.
  • Fill out and meet the requirement to become an interest group.
  • Obtain Colony statues by following the expansion guidelines.
  • After the Expansion guideline are followed and a process of initiation where the history,​ values, and chapter management courses are completed.
  • Then a colony can apply for chapter statues. 

Contact the National Office:
            Contact the National Office by filling out an information form

Requirements of becoming an interest group:

  • All potential interest group members must attend the same institution.
  • That institution must be a four-year college or university.
  • This four-year institution must be nationally accredited by the appropriate sanctioning body.
  • The interest group must consist of at least six individuals.
  • All interest group members must be in good academic standing.
  • All potential interests must turn in a copy of official transcripts.
  • All interest group members must be currently attending the school where the interest group is based.
  • Three-fourths or more must be full-time students as considered by the school.
  • A roster must be submitted to the National Board, which is to include; Names, phone numbers, address, major, class standing, and a brief statement of why they want to create a chapter at this University.

Expansion Guidelines

  • In a bound folder turn in the following items;
  • Fill out and meet the requirement to become an interest group.
  • Fill out an application form from Beta Gamma Nu.
  • Obtain all the information to become a recognized organization/ fraternity at your University. (you may turn in copies)
  • Elect officers for your interest group (President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Sergeant of Arms, Academics, Community Service)
  • Schedule regular meetings with your interest group, keep minutes of your meetings. (Turn in these minutes into your folder)
  • Attend an interview process with members of the National Board, Actives, and Alumni interested.

Colony Statues

  • In a bound folder turn in the following
  • Schedule meetings about the following subjects (turn in minutes in your folder)
  • Recruitment planning
  • Completion of School recognition documents
  • Completion of the requirement of obtaining a BGN Charter
  • Create two events as a Colony, a Community Service event, and a Fundraiser.
  • Take photos and complete an assessment of each event turn in to your folder
  • Established a financial System of collecting dues per member and initiation fee, chapter due to the National.
  • Meet with the university’s Greek advisor (To introduce yourself as a potential new fraternity on campus)
  • Complete the initiation process where you will learn the history and values of the Fraternity
  • Complete the chapter management course (provided by the National)

After completing the entire Colony requirements turn in your completed folder to be considered for a charter to become a new chapter of

Beta Gamma Nu.