Pride in Culture * Brotherhood in Arms * Respect for Life

                                                   Mission Statement
                             Promote pride in culture, education and honor of its members

Our fraternity promotes the diversity of our brothers and the richness of our culture. We teach scholastic achievement through education. As a fraternity we honor our members by working hard to provide them with the best college experience and professional network possible as they transition from undergraduate to alumni.

                          Built unity via the idea of brotherhood in arms across the nation

Fraternity membership greatest benefit is the creation of lifelong friendships. The Fraternity fulfills the need of students to belong to an extended family and provides the opportunity to enhance those personal relationships through leadership, community service and self-improvement. The welfare of our members is the obligation for all our brothers. Brotherhood is a lifetime commitment; therefore, we should encourage strong undergraduate-alumni relationship for all of our members’ mutual benefit.

                          Teach respect for life, community and well being of others

Our fraternity teaches the value of respecting all life and how precious life is. Our fraternity teaches respect for our community, as we are part of the community and the community is a part of us. We encourage all our members to participate with campus events which gives us a sense of belonging and to teach the community at large of the positive contributions of Greek organizations. The well being of other (guess, friend, family) is important to our members.

                    Foster growth in spiritual, mental and social well being of its members

The well being of its members is important to us as a fraternity. It is especially important to have the opportunity to have spiritual and mental growth. As one grows to a more mature individual we have the opportunities to acquire more and more knowledge; to grow as a person is an endeavor that this fraternity promotes. The well being of its members means that we as a fraternity reject any device that is in conflict with a healthy, spiritual, mental and emotional state of a person.

                                            Give back and serve the public interest

Community service is important to us and our members. Service to our local neighborhood is a must, because it gives us a sense of belonging and commitment that we are part of the community. We serve the public interest by being responsible fraternity members. We must abide by all local, states and federal laws. As fraternity men we are taught that we must be responsible for our actions and must have higher standards than the average college student.

                            Support the purpose and goals of Colleges and Universities

Our Fraternity is committed to fostering a close partnership with all colleges and universities where our chapters exist. We promote academic achievement and assist each member to achieve their potential. Providing programs to helping our members to pursue their degree of higher learning, our fraternity encourages all its chapters to have 100% graduation rate. We promote higher learning in traditional colleges and universities. It encourages all its members to further their academic endeavors by means of graduate and/or doctorate programs.
Pride   Brotherhood   Respect