Pride in Culture * Brotherhood in Arms * Respect for Life

Beta Gamma Nu is a Greek fraternity that participates in all aspects of college life. Whether it is a social, philanthropic, or professional event, we pride ourselves in getting involved and maximizing our college experience. Beta Gamma Nu is made up of members that are accepting of other people’s views and respect their opinions even when it is different from their own. Beta Gamma Nu promotes unity within its members by having a strong foundation based on the aspect of family.

Academic Success
The most important priority for the brothers of Beta Gamma Nu is academic success. Beta Gamma Nu advocates daily study sessions, which assist in maintaining a high level of academic excellence through the entire semester. As students we study an extensive variety of majors, which allow us to create networks and tutoring programs. We encourage our brothers to become leaders in other outstanding organizations and utilize the resources available thus ensuring a rewarding college experience. 

Beta Gamma Nu is unlike any other fraternity. We motivate our members to foster a support system among each other, thereby creating a "unity" reminiscent of a family. With a healthy foundation our members can strive to succeed in any areas of interest coupled with positive reinforcement.

Our number one goal is to graduate.

Founded at the University of Southern California in 1997

Colors: Brown and Cream

Nickname: BeeGees

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