Pride in Culture * Brotherhood in Arms * Respect for Life


In 1997, Beta Gamma Nu was founded on the campus of the University of Southern California. The young men that founded the Fraternity saw a need that was not being fulfilled and created a fraternal organization for students not being represented by the Greek system. Beta Gamma Nu with its values of Pride in Culture, Brotherhood in Arms and Respect for Life, seeks out men with common values to spread the message that a full college experience is in reach of all men.

Since its introduction to the Greek System Beta Gamma Nu quickly expanded to other Universities like, Cal State Northridge, Loyal Marymount, Cal State Los Angeles, San Diego State University, Colorado State University, Fresno State University, Cal State East Bay, Cal State Channel Islands, and Denver University. The rich experience our fraternity brings to these students is one that will stay with them as they move into their professional careers. 

As our fraternity grows in chapters and in members it will have a positive influence on those students that it touches. Beta Gamma Nu is still a young fraternity among many great ones and the story of our fraternity is still being written. We are a diverse group of individuals, motivated to succeed in our professional careers and to teach the value of culture, education, brotherhood, respect for life, community, and family among our members.